Research Program. Precision Nutrition and
Cardiometabolic Health

Director: Prof. Alfredo Martínez Hernández

Objectives:  this PRECISION Program (Personalized Related Energomics and Cardiometabolomics:
interactions Involving Inheritance Obesity and Nutrition) is focused on:

  • Optimize and appraise available resources and databases from Diogenes; Nugenob, Predimed and Worldmethylepigenome cohorts to better understand genetic and epigenetic outcomes involved in obesity and cardiometabolic adverse traits.
  • Analyze and implement newer metabolic biomarkers with diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutical potential value including the design and definition of Precision Nutrition guidelines.
  • Investigate with global perspectives the interactions including shared mechanisms and triggering common physiopathological pathways among obesity with liver disease and cancer.
  • Integration of nutriomics and metagenomics approaches to understand the phenotipical interactions and responses to specific nutrients and diets involving nutrigenetic and nutrigenomic outcomes.

Prof. Alfredo Martínez Hernández

Scientific Committee Programs Director, Director of the Precision Nutrition and Cardiometabolic Health Program and Group leader of the Cardiometabolic Nutrition Group at IMDEA Food

Prof J.Alfredo Martínez holds a PhD Nutrition being also PharmD and MD. He is coIP and has been  involved in several landmark intervention trials such as DIOGENES, SEAFOODplus, NUGENOB, FOOD4ME and PREDIMED whose results have been published in the most relevant medical and nutritional journals including NEJM, Lancet, Nature, BMJ, AJCN, Obesity, IJO, JCEM, Diabetology, Trends in Immunology, TIPS, IJO, Cell Metabolism Circulation, etc producing so far more than 20.000 citations. Prof. Martínez has supervised more than seventy PhD students and published more than 600 peer review papers in the areas of Obesity and Nutrition, including precision nutritional omics (H Factor > 60); He has en president of FESNAD and is currently president of ISNN as well as president elect of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) and has been recipient of several important awards including ipocrates and Dupont prizes.

During his scientific career, Prof. J. Alfredo Martínez has enjoyed training or invited stays at Nothingham, Berkeley, MIT, Harvard, Oxford and King College London as well as being reviewer for different EU Committees and Spanish Organizations such as AECOSAN.

Phone: +34 91 727 81 00, ext. 211