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The IMDEA Food is a research center focused on food, nutrition and health. The main objective of Food IMDEA is to initiate and coordinate research excellence in this area of knowledge, using a multidisciplinary approach and collaboration with academia and industry, focusing on approaches that can lead to a benefit of society.

We welcome brilliant people from all parts of the World, with diverse backgrounds, experience, skills, research interests and ambitions. Whether you’re an experienced researcher who is looking for a leadership role or a researcher at the start of your career and wanting to develop your innovative ideas, Institute IMDEA Food has a place for you.

Selection Process

This new institutional framework is aimed to put together public and private supports for science and to lead scientific research towards excellence by creating a framework that will be appealing for international talented scientists:


Researchers are typically scientifics with several years' experience who are ready for a change, assuming a position of responsibility in leading the day-to-day activities of our research teams. Candidates must have demonstrated leadership abilities and recognized international stature.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Staff and Post-Doc Researchers at Institute IMDEA Food are early-stage, post-doctorate researchers who are looking to establish their research career, working with top senior researchers and a team of young, pre-doctorate researchers.

Predoctoral Researchers

IMDEA Food is actively seeking promising candidates for PhD Student at the Institute. The assistantships provide support for applicants during their studies conductive to a Master's or, preferably, a PhD degree.