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Development of 5 programmes focused on Precision Nutrition to prevent and treat the most prevalent chronic diseases in the population: cancer, ageing, cardiometabolic diseases, obesity and childhood obesity.

IMDEA Food Director

Ricardo Ramos Ruiz

Platform for Clinical Trials in Nutrition and Health. GENYAL

Program Director


Precision Nutrition and Obesity Program

José María Ordovás
Program Director

Precision Nutrition and Aging Program

Rafael de Cabo
Program Director

Childhood Precision Nutrition Program

Jesús Argente
Program Co-Director
IMDEA Food Associate Researcher

Julie Chowen
Program Co-Director
IMDEA Food Associate Researcher

Platform of Clinical Trials
in Nutrition and Health

for industry, hospitals and laboratories.

Nutrigenomic and nutrigenetic studies
to understand the scientific basis of the effects of food on health.

Our vision

It has been shown that different nutrients and food products play vital roles in the molecular mechanisms of the body. The knowledge of these processes, and the possibility of controlling them through what we eat, has opened the field of personalized nutrition.

However, this can only be achieved when the genetic profile of individual people and the context in which they live is taken into account. With this knowledge, individualized precision nutritional interventions can be prescribed, a concept that in the coming years will be part of our daily lives improving health with the greatest effectiveness.


Dr. Ricardo Ramos Ruiz


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