Research Program. Precision Nutrition and
Cardiometabolic Health

Bioactive Ingredients Food Group

Objectives: the Bioactive Ingredients Food Group is being developing a Ministry of Innovation (MICINN) – funded study on the effects of selected phospholipids in models of aging and cognitive decline. In particular, the group is investigating the nutrigenomic effects of phospholipids isolated from buttermilk and krill oil, via innovative technologies developed in the CIAL (UAM + CSIC Madrid campus). Aging represents an important socio-economic issue, in that the European population is rapidly aging and the health care costs associated with this demographic phenomenon are becoming unbearable. Therefore, there is a strong need to find suitable and effective preventive measures, to lessen the burden of disease and decrease budgetary stress. In particular, aging is associated with cognitive decline, which can become severe and develop into dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease.

Given than the brain is the organ richest in lipids (up to 40% in weight), the LabFun thinks it conceivable to supply appropriate phospholipids to maintain and/or restore proper membrane composition, fluidity, and signal transduction. The preliminary results do demonstrate the provision of food-derived phospholipids (formulated through original techniques) are able to ameliorate the synaptic machinery and restore adequate mitochondrial function. The group employs in vitro and in vivo (including human) approaches to create strong and solid scientific data and foster the formulation of evidence-based nutraceuticals and functional foods. In addition, the group keeps publishing the results of former projects along with reviews on specific topics, therefore enjoying a strong publication record.



Laura Costoso
León Gema Bastante del Palacio
Jorge Llanos Garrido
María Trapero Ruiz
Beatriz Castro Meco
Sara Rollan Esteban