IMDEA Food conducts a study on childhood obesity in 6 schools in the Community of Madrid

IMDEA Foods under the coordination of the General Directors of Infant, Primary and Secondary Education and of Universities and Research, is carrying out a study on the childhood obesity in 6 schools of the Community of Madrid in order to design strategies of prevention and treatment Of this disease. Childhood obesity is a global public health problem.Its association with other diseases, both in childhood and in adult life, as well as its high prevalence make it imperative to intervene.

IMDEA Food carries out a study of phenotypic and genotypic characterization in patients with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is a complex syndrome that presents as a set of symptoms related to a wide variety of agents and components found in the environment, presenting such reactions with exposure to levels commonly tolerated by most people. The SQM has been registered in the Spanish ICD-10 with the code T78.40 since January 2014, but there is still no register of patients, so its prevalence in our country is unknown. Therefore, basic, clinical and applied research on SQM are essential to find the causes of this disease, faster and more efficient forms of diagnosis and to promote treatments with scientific evidence that can improve the prognosis and quality of life of those affected.

The Nutrigenomics Interactive Centre (CIN)

is an initiative of the IMDEA Food Institute, the aim of which is to disseminate the Institute’s research results. Currently the CIN presents its exhibition entitled ‘SNP: Salud y Nutrición Personalizada’, i.e., “Health and Personalised Nutrition” the aims of which are to:

Via scientifically validated interactive surveys, the exhibition allows visitors to understand their degree of adherence to the Mediterranean Diet, their chronotype, and the involvement of their emotions in their food choices. Visitors acquire knowledge about themselves, their biology, their emotions and their current habits, and how they can use this information to follow a more healthy lifestyle.